Sijaintisi: Holiday cottages and villas

Cottage and villa rental in the Savonlinna and Saimaa areas

Our cottage and villa rental consists of high-quality and comfortable lakeside cottages and villas.

Our cottages and villas are rated under the nationwide MALO quality classification rating.

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Lakeside cottages

A lakeside cottage will suit you who seek traditional cosy Finnish cottage life from your holiday, accompanied with all the comforts. In the lakeside cottages, you will experience a genuine holiday close to nature.

Get acquainted with our lakeside cottages:

The lakeside cottages accommodate holiday-makers from spring through to well into autumn. They are located around 1 kilometre from the Loikansaari manor in their own area on the naturally beautiful Hirviniemi. In terms of style, the cottages are country-style Finnish ‘red cabin’ cottages with farmhouse tables and brick fireplaces. The construction materials of the cabins are mostly Finnish wood and brick. The floor plan solutions of the beach cabins are efficient and Finnishness is also a basic value in interior design. The cottages have been thoroughly refurbished and equipped with all mod cons. Each cottage has its own separate lakeside sauna and dressing room, and of course a swimming area. The saunas are traditional wood-fired saunas which are known produce a gentle steam. After taking on the steam, you can dip right in the lake to swim. The lake landscapes you see from the lakeside saunas are arrestingly beautiful. In a lakeside cottage, you can holiday in peace and quiet, surrounded by the natural lake environment. The cottage includes a small yard area in a natural state, an outdoor grill, a swimming area with a hard floor, a jetty and a rowing boat.

See the fittings and availability of the lakeside cottages on the cottage overview page.

Lakeside villas

A lakeside villa will be your residence of choice if, in addition to the traditional Finnish cottage life, you crave space, quality and privacy of your holiday accommodation. In a lakeside villa, you will experience being in the middle of the most beautiful part of Lakeland Finland.  

Lakeside villas accommodate guests all year round. They are located around 1 kilometre from the Loikansaari manor at the eastern end of the island on the peaceful Hoviniemi. The villas are made of strong hewn timbers and represent Finnish log construction at its best. The building materials are Finnish wood and brick. The interior design utilises the products of Finnish designers; things like the dishes, textiles and furniture have been made or designed in Finland. A cosy open-plan kitchen design and heat-storing fireplace bring an ambience and comfort, particularly when staying at the villa during cold times of the year. Roomy porches on the side of the lake tempt you to dine outside in the summer.

The saunas are conveniently under the same roof. They are of an ample size and wood-fired; the steam is gentle and there is no danger of being stifled because of lack of air. You can get to swim directly from the sauna, because the villas have been built as close as possible to the shore. The lake landscapes are really spectacular. A view opens up from the villas to a large part of the lake with kilometres of water across Haapavedenselkä to Savonlinna. There is no direct line of sight to the neighbours from our lakeside villas, so you can stay in your hidden cottage in total peace and quiet.

The villa includes a yard area that is both grassy and in a natural state, an outbuilding/shed with firewood, and outdoor grill, a swimming area with a hard floor, a rowing boat and a small jetty.

See the fittings and availability of the lakeside villas on the villa overview page.

Get acquainted with our villas:

Cleaning on departure

The prices of the cottages and villas include an inspection/cleaning visit by the cleaner at the end of the stay. Before departure, the guest should wash the dishes, take the rubbish out and put everything where it belongs. If the cottage has been left very untidy, we will charge €50/hour for additional cleaning work afterwards.

  • If you want, you can make use of our cleaning on departure service: cleaning on departure of a lakeside cottage €90, a lakeside villa with two bedrooms €90, a lakeside villa with three bedrooms €115


  • Hire €15 per person per each time changed
  • Price of bedding ready-made €20 per person

Catering service

You can order catering services through us for small groups, e.g. for evenings in, refreshment days, meetings and birthdays. The food will be delivered at a pre-arranged time. The size of the group should be from 6 to 16 persons. Ask us for an offer for your event.

Equipment hire in the summer

Motor-boat hire

  • Motor-boat Buster XS with a 9.9 hp 4-stroke Yamaha outboard engine (max. 4 persons)
  • Price €70/1-3 hrs, €90/3-8 hrs, €120/24 hrs, €390/week

Bicycle hire

  • Mountain bike + helmet
  • Price €15 per day or €60 per week

Equipment hire in the winter

Snowshoes and kicksled

  • Snowshoes or kicksled
  • Price €10 per day or €50 per week

Ice-fishing equipment for winter fishing

  • Ice-fishing equipment
  • Price €15 per day or €60 per week

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