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Holiday home services in the Savonlinna area

Do you own or are you acquiring a holiday home in the Savonlinna area? Do you need help with the supervision and upkeep of the house? Does your holiday home need some small repairs or is there a larger refurbishment on the way? Do you live further away and don’t have the time to take care of matters relating to your property? We can help with these issues.
We offer the owners of holiday homes or those who are in the process of acquiring a holiday home a comprehensive consulting service, including building design, construction and renovation services. We can also successfully deliver various supervision and maintenance jobs for your holiday home. We work together with an expert local partnership network.

Ask more about our holiday home service:
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Holiday House Care HHC Ltd

Boat hotel services

Ask about available winter storage places and maintenance for boats:
Antti Hämäläinen +358 (0)400 754159

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