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The scenic Loikansaari, A peaceful holiday location, On the shore of Lake Saimaa.

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Cottage holidays close to nature for more than 40 years

Loikansaari Holiday Cottages is a small and idyllic countryside holiday location, which has operated continuously for more than 40 years. The company was founded in 1974 by the current master’s parents Meeri and Heikki Hämäläinen as a side business to farming. The farm has belonged to the family since 1925. An international clientele and genuine Finnishness have been distinctive features of the company from the beginning. Put simply, the business idea of the Loikansaari holiday cabins is to offer peaceful cabin vacations close to nature.

At Loikansaari, you’ll be served by the master and mistress of the farm, Antti and Pirjo Hämäläinen. A generational change took place at the farm in 1994, after which the development of tourism as the farm’s main line of business was started. In 2004, the company expanded to round-the-year tourism. Besides tourism, there is also forestry at the farm, services are carried out for owners of holiday homes, and there are boat hotel services in the cowshed.

Pirjo has a degree in applied arts and she is responsible for the operation of the holiday cabins and the manor shop. Her passion is the development of handicrafts tourism in Savonlinna. Antti has studied agriculture and forestry, mechanical fitting and tourism. He does the maintenance work for the holiday cabins and is responsible for the other operations at the farm. Like his dad and grandpa, Antti is a dedicated woodsman. His hobbies are also largely related to the forest.

The company has a large number of loyal customers who return for annual holidays to the same location. For entrepreneurs, it is important to act responsibly with respect for natural values and guests’ wishes. Our values are a leisurely rural atmosphere and appreciation of traditions and locality. For our own part, we wish to contribute to maintaining the vitality of the Finnish countryside for people to live and work.

Loikansaaren lomamökit  /  Loikansaarentie 430  /  Pirjo ja Antti Hämäläinen  /  58810 SAVONLINNA  /  Puh. 0440 640 116  /  lomamokit@loikansaari.fi