Souvenirs from the countryside and unique handcrafts

Did you forget to buy souvenirs? Would you like some pampering products to take with you to the cottage? Visit the Manor Boutique.

There is a lovely small handcraft boutique at the reception building of Loikansaari Holiday Cottages, Manor Boutique. You can find county-style handcrafts products and pampering products for the cottage. The Hilda rag rugs, made from recycled material, woollen shawls and rugs are Loikansaari’s own production. The rough texture and astonishing colours of the hand-woven textiles have been created with traditional weaving techniques. Some of these interior textiles can be seen also in the Loikansaari cottages.

The products’ values are based on domestic quality and design, tradition, locality and ecology.


The boutique provides the following Finnish handcraft products:

  • felted wall textiles
  • candles
  • sauna products, such as shampoos and handmade soaps
  • cards, soft toys, magnets
  • hand-woven shawls and rugs, Loikansaari’s own production
  • hand-woven rag rugs made from recycled material, Loikansaari’s own production
  • country-style interior paintings
  • Valona design’s delicate birch crystal and metal wire decorations

The Manor Boutique has a loom with changing warps. You can familiarise yourself with the technique of traditional weaving, or take a holiday to do handcrafts and weaving. You can ask more about this possibility here!

The opening hours for the boutique vary, and therefore you should call and agree on an appointment in advance outside the peak season.

Loikansaaren lomamökit
Loikansaarentie 430
Pirjo & Antti Hämäläinen
0440 640 116

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