‘A stone and the moon, a snow crystal or tree’ -the silver jewelry handicraft holiday

(2 nights’ accommodation, group size 5-10 people)

We’ll stop to peruse the lakeland nature of Saimaa, its different forms, surface structures and ambiences. We’ll get inspired for jewelry designing by moving around in nature. We’ll enjoy the Finnish lifestyle in a lakeside villa, having saunas, watching the fire and listening to the silence. We’ll get impressed together by the beneficial power of handicrafts.

You can be an absolute beginner in jewelry-making or someone who has already made silver jewelry. In the workshop, you’ll get individual instruction from the tutor and all the material required. In the workshop, there is the opportunity to make a pendant or ring from 925 silver sheet with different kinds of forging and piercing techniques. The products get a stamp of authenticity at the end of the work. Inspiration is sought for the form language of the piece of silver jewelry from the spectacular lakeland nature of Loikansaari, by examining e.g. the shapes of stones and plants or the play of patterns made by the wind on the surface of the snow. Everyone will get their own unique model of jewelry. Different seasons and the time of the full moon offer their own flavor to the design of the jewelry. The tutor of the jewelry workshop is Teppo Nousiainen, a smith from Savonlinna.

On the silver jewelry handicraft holiday, accommodation is in the high-class lakeside villas of Loikansaari, which are located in the beautiful archipelago surroundings of Savonlinna. The villas have a full-equipped kitchen for food preparation and a spacious wood-fired sauna. The workshop day is held in the atmospheric room of the main farmhouse of Loikansaari, which is over a hundred years old, just over a kilometer from the villas.


The program:

Arrival day

2 pm - 3 pm: Moving into the holiday chalets of Loikansaari, 1-person or 2-person villas available to rent

4 pm – 5.30 pm: Walking and inspiration from the environment under the guidance of Teppo; prepare for walking in line with the weather and take a sketchpad and a pencil with you. The departure is from in front of the reception

Workshop day

10 am: The silver jewelry workshop begins in the room of the main farmhouse of Loikansaari

12 noon: A local food lunch and dessert

Around 3 pm: The end of the workshop and coffee

To end the day, there will be a visit as a group at the Smith’s Workshop in Pihlajaniemi, where there is a charming small shop for forged products. Travel there will be done with your own cars. The distance from Loikansaari is about 15 km.

Departure day

Handing over of keys by 12 noon


€259/person, accommodation in a 2-person villa
€319/ person, accommodation in a 1-person villa
The prices include: accommodation, bed linen, a guided walking excursion, the silver jewelry workshop, the lunch on the workshop day and coffee. Silver jewelry holidays can be booked for requests.

Request an offer and we’ll make a package from the product that suits your group.

Bookings: lomamokit@loikansaari.fi / +358 44 064 0116 / Pirjo Hämäläinen www.loikansaari.fi

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