Handicraft tourism in Loikansaari

Experience the wonderful boutiques and workshops... Local craftsmen and their stories... Beautiful old wooden houses and surroundings... Warm memories and souvenirs... The joy of success... Relaxation

Here in Savonlinna we delight in the fact that through our local artisans and handicraft culture can offer unique experiences to visitors. Our craftsmen work hard in their shops every day in an ambience of aesthetics, storytelling and authenticity, often inspired by our magnificent lakes, nature and traditions. Now you too have the opportunity to experience this on a handicrafts holiday in Savonlinna. We invite you to learn about our unique products and environment, different artisanal techniques and materials, and to participate in relaxing holiday activities and memorable encounters with our local craftsmen and designers.

Loikansaari belongs to the craftsmen’s network Craft & Design Savonlinna, which consists of singular small handicraft destinations including Taito Shop in the centre, Savonlinnan Seppä Teppo Nousiainen in Pihlajaniemi, HuruShop at the Wanha Rautatieasema, RunoDesign in the harbour and many more local artisanal businesses. For groups we offer guided tours, but you’ll have no trouble getting to know our network’s delightful destinations on your own too. At our reception you’ll find our handicrafts map and can take off on your design tour. See the Craft & Design Savonlinna network offering here.

On a cabin holiday in Loikansaari you’ll experience the joy of nature and of working by hand. For small groups we offer the Silver Jewellery Handicrafts Holidays, and our Weaving Retreat product invites you to rest and relax in the country with some loom weaving. The boutique at Päätilan Kartano offers country style souvenirs and the chance to learn about Finnish rag weaving techniques. Throughout the ages, the women of the countryside have kept up local artisanal traditions, and this is still being realised in Loikansaari today. Get to know our handicraft tourism products and book yourself a different type of holiday!

With artisanal greetings,

emäntä pirjo hämäläinen

Pirjo Hämäläinen

Matron of Loikansaari

Loikansaaren lomamökit
Loikansaarentie 430
Pirjo & Antti Hämäläinen
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